HeeJeong Jeong
Exhibition Insaartspace 2007
The blind Cube
Name HeeJeong Jeong
Year 2007
Format Sound installation
Duration 00 Min 40 Sec
Dimension Variable (travel kit 45*45-13 cm, black box)
Requirement Computer set, Data Project, Sound system
Description .
It begins with a question “if I do not have eyes how can I perceive a space?” For instance short range view and distant view. Even space can be possible to realize? These days there are too many visual expressions of culture in the modern city. A lot of traffic signs and cameras. Even the night is not dark anymore in the city. For this idea I made an experiment with a partner to collect sounds from the street as being blind.

And then we changed the role, and we record the experience to being blind and made a drawing of the space which I only experience as ears and then I made new sounds from the recorded sound. And it is showed in gallery.
  Book Published by Insa Art Space of the arts Council Korea
  Project “At Dongdeamun ”
  Drawing for the sound that recorded from the space Dongdaemun
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