HeeJeong Jeong
A Dream Play 2011

This photo series, called "A dream play", is about the landscapes and sceneries where I have spent my youth.Although the place is not so changed for long time,It seems very familiar, but at the same time very uncanny to me.

I look at the landscape and the landscape looks back at me, I grasp the scenery with my camera. Only later, I find out hidden images that I had not noticed before. The photos seem like a picture puzzle that is always showing something, and at the same time hiding something. When we look at something, our brain automatically finds familiar images, more than unfamiliar. That is the usual way of recognizing the world around us. We do not recognize totally unfamiliar things, like monsters, for instance. When a piece of cloth is sticking out of a closed drawer, it looks like a tongue. Is that really just my imagination? I am not sure. As long as the drawer is closed, the cloth can be anything, even a real tongue.
In the playground
“Somebody left with the windows open, that was the beginning of everything”
The Cat
“Look! Here is a dead cat!”
Birthday Party in August
"The kinder she is, the more rotten it gets."
A neighborhood
"Two weeks later, that happened again."
“That is true. That really is true.”
“It felt like having sand in my mouth. ”she whispered under the blanket.
Under the water
"The whole house sank into the water and floated up on it."
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