HeeJeong Jeong
A Fish Globe
Name HeeJeong Jeong
Year 2003
Format Video
Duration 2 min 2 sec
Dimension Variable (travel kit 45*45-13 cm, black box)
Requirement Computer set, Data Project, Sound system
Description .
Within this work I want to show strange images that I meet in everyday life as things with no inside nor outside like a mobius strip. Simple images where there is no start nor end, associative images, which cross the borders of time and space ? leaving sometimes refreshing, sometimes disturbing after images in our memories. In this story, starting with the image of a small fish globe, the movement of the clouds or the pattern of the blanket are not images simply impinging our retina. This story is about the moment, where these images are approaching our mind together with the memories we have of the things they represent.
2003 Jeonju international Film Festival Special Projects
“JIFF MIND2003” exhibition and mobile service
KBS korea “Today's Selection broadcast http://www.kbs.co.kr
2004 RTV sky life cahnnal 154 - program “Media + Art ”broadcast
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