HeeJeong Jeong
The Memory Palace
Name HeeJeong Jeong
Year 2008
Format unreal tournament ” 3D game program.
Duration .
Dimen.sion Variable (travel kit 45*45-13 cm, black box)
Requirement Computer set, Data Project, Sound system
Description .
Simonides who is Greek poet BC 556~BC 468 is famouse for the idea to memorize something . it is called by a mathematician “The Memory Palace”. This is the first “world wide web”. He makes a building to develop a story. and decoration of the building is a abstract concept of the story.

the idea of him is began that human being can remember visual memory longer then character memory. For instance we can remember face more then the one’s name. People has their own memories. We forget about many our memories time goes by. Sometimes the memories are not be able to explain as a word easily Or that is hidden to unconsciousness or we make up another memoires then truth sometimes.

And Sometimes the memories happen to rise up suddenly in our life from some familiar smell like Marcel-Proust who write a novel In Search of Lost Time.This work begin to this idea of memoires. I made a building of my memories to invite someone. sometimes I want to walk through others to look around one’s memories to know more.

lt is not a linear story as time goes by. You can make your own route and make the story.For this project I used game enzine program for 3D space. People can use joystick to move room to room of the building it is like a labyrinth.
Exhibition of Gallery Leeum 2006
  Drawing of the concept & 3D modeling
/Imges of snow crystal structure                                        /Concept sketch         /3D modeling    /Mockup & digital composition
  Still Cut
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