HeeJeong Jeong
My room
Name HeeJeong Jeong
Year 2003
Format Interactive Web art - http://nnanna.com
Duration .
Dimension Variable (travel kit 45*45-13 cm, black box)
Requirement Computer set, Data Project, Sound system
Description .
Inbetween many themes for reproduction of the daily life the space of a living-room is always an exciting theme. I wanted to talk about the small astonishments that happen when some of the forever existing objects inside the room start talking to me for one moment.
2003 Jeonju international Film Festival Special Projects
“JIFF MIND2003” exhibition and mobile service www.jiff.or.kr
“Like everyday articles that had gone unnoticed and then suddenly seemed to come to life and start talking to us, the room in Jeong Hee-jeong's "my room" is filled with articles that have the artist's memories imprinted on them. Hence this room is not a closed room cut off from the outside world but an endlessly imaginative space not only from the two-dimensional screen but also from three-dimensional reality. Through the web creation Nana Jeong Hee Jeong has created a small but endless diafy which all her memories can be commusicated. ”
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