HeeJeong Jeong
Name HeeJeong Jeong
Year 2004
Format Interactive installation
Duration .
Dimension Variable (travel kit 45*45-13 cm, black box)
Requirement Computer set, Data Project, Sound system
Description This is a touch screen interactive installation. There was a tragic death in a subway in Seoul. From the accident I wanted to portray solitary humans in the modern civilization through images of animals inside a subway. A digital zoo recreated in the subway. In the subway trains, many different kinds of animals are in it. As you touch the animals on the screen, you can see another space of each animal.
The 5th Seoul Net & Film Festival (SeNef2004) - www.senef.net
Domestic Competition : Next Stream
In Next Stream,more than 200 works were applied and 18 works are featured.It was remarkable that the theme of disorganization of family or the theme of sex were seenamong many fiction films applided.In the actual situation where digital technology incities to make various fiction films, we hope sincerely a vivacity of making animation films as well as exeperimental films.Fiction films that xhow creative expression through original theme,current events and experimentation of forms were screened.In their peculiar esthetic,original animation films produced by various tool were presented.Also,Experimental films showd artistic expansion of image/film to the audience who had limited vision of "genre".was the only Web Art & Interactive work that gave a chance to the audience to meet the various art work produced by digital media.Next Stream of seoul Net Festival is getting into a groove to Korean artists for a place where inciting the imagination as well as to audience for a festival to experience original visual arts.
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